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Card finish is a technique to provide users an overview and determine customers’ feel of the printed card. There are 3 options of card finishes, glossy, matte and frosted.

Glossy – colourful
A glossy finish is the most common card finishing, a UV coating on card surfaces, can maximise colour exposure of your design. If your card design for cards is colorful, a glossy laminate could be the best choice. Glossy finish are normally applied on Gift cards or Promotional cards which are one-time-use cards for a big promotion or event.

Matte – elegant
Matte finish is smooth and flat as glossy finish, but not with reflective effect. It makes an elegant first impression on customers for your membership card, warranty card andVIP card, etc., is suitable for dark colour design.

Frosted – wear-resistant
You may want a refined look for your card, frosted finish can provide a very professional look. It is not as brilliant as glossy finishing but the most wear-resistant. Frosted clear / transparent cards are becoming more popular, increasingly applied in VIP cards, Privilege cards, Loyalty cards and so on, making this type of card memorable and more likely to be noticed.

The above 3 finishes can be applied to any cards to boost your business, please contact us to discuss card finishing choices for your project.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]