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Do you want to give your cards a different shape? Like an effect of a family crest? Or perhaps something wild or unique, like the top of palm tree, a car, the wings of a bird or even a butterfly. Construction companies, real estate agents or architects can use the outline of a roofline or building, restaurants perhaps could use the corner of a napkin or even a fork or basil leaf.

Everything is possible and a shaped card really showcases the products or services you provide, to make them remember you. Die cut cards help you stand out from your competitors. This is an ideal solution for giving your loyal customers a VIP card,Membership card or even Preferential card with custom shape. If it is applied to business cards, there is no doubt that customers will be left with a lasting impression on you.

The most popular die cutting card – Combo cards/ Keychain cards
Plastic combo cards or Keychain cards are increasingly popular in many industries. They are perfect for Loyalty cards, Membership card programs and more. You can research your customers to decide on what shape they prefer. This is a useful services that benefits both customers and your business.

Here we list some templates of die cutting cards available for your reference,

Die cutting cards can be any size and shape. We welcome you to send your unique design for us to produce into a final product. Please contact us to discuss your personalised design.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]