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Magnetic stripe cards is one of the most popular application in many shops. Data encoded in magnetic stripes is to recognise the holder’ identity. You can get customers’ information when the stripe swiped though your POS. It is widely applied to stored value cards, VIP cards,Membership cards and Gift cards, etc.

Standard width of magnetic stripe is 12.5mm, and 8mm or 6mm is also available.

There are 2 types of magnetic stripes, LOCO(Low-coercivity) and HICO(High-coercivity). The magnetism-resistance of Loco magstripe is from 300OE to 650OE(short for Oersted, measurement of magnetism), While Hico magstripe is from 2750OE-4000OE. 300OE and 2750OE are which are usually used for Membership card, VIP card, Discount card and Preferential card, etc.. Theoretically speaking,the higher Oersted is, the stronger magnetism-resistance is. But you need to take reading machine into consideration. Loco magstripe with 300OE is a suitable choice as it is enough for business need.

Three tracks available to encode in magnetic stripe:

Track1: both digit(0-9) and letter(A-Z) available to be encoded, 79characters maximum.

Track2&Track3: digit only, 40 characters & 107 characters maximum.

Please contact us right now to know about magnetic stripe if you have question about it.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]