Active Tags

Active RFID tags, Active Communication

The RFID tag becomes active when the RFID tag is equipped with a battery to provide a partial or complete power supply for the tag & apos; s circuitry and antenna. Some active tags contain replaceable batteries that can last for many years while others contain sealed units. In some cases, the tag can also be connected to an external power supply.


We can provide more than 100 feet away from the RFID tags, greatly improving the usefulness and scope of the equipment. It may have other power sensors that utilize an external energy supply.


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    The longest communication range for any tag
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    Able to perform independent monitoring and control;
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    You can start the communication
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    Able to perform diagnostics;
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    The maximum data bandwidth available.

Active RFID tags can even be equipped with autonomous networks to determine the best available communication path. If you have any questions about active RFID tags, please send us an e-mail.
The difference between an active RFID tag and a passive RFID tag

Although both use radio frequency to communicate between the “tag” and the “reader”, the method of powering these tags is different.
Active RFID uses the power supply inside the tag and its RF communication circuitry, and passive RFID relies on RF energy transmitted from the reader to the tag to power the device.