New trend of tree management

RFID Tags have an unique TID , which means every tags can give every tree a “ID”. Therefore, management will be more easier. Software system can be tailor made. Application can be monitoring, inventory etc.

Tree Nail RFID tags can resist extreme environment

Water proof, moisture proof, shock proof , suitable for outdoor use.

  • Materials:ABS
  • Dimension:36mm * 8mm * 6mm
  • Frequency:125kHz / 13.56mHz / 915mHz
  • Operation temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C
  • Storage temperature:-55°C ~ +100°C
  • Weight:1.25 g
  • Chips:TK4100、EM4100、EM4102、FM1108、I Code2、S50、Hitag2、EM4305 etc.
  • Application:Tree management