NFC Labels

NFC tags – easy to record

NFC (near field communication), also known as short-range wireless communication technology, by definition, is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology. It allows point-to-point data transfer between electronic devices (up to about 10 cm in length) to exchange data.

NFC tag applications

NFC tags use RFID technology, in the frequency range of 13.56MHz operation, linking mobile phones and media content.

NFC tags can store more data than normal barcodes, URLs, or QR codes. It’s secure, password-protected, and even tracked to specific users or accounts.

NFC label is the most common way of making processing stickers, a sticker label, the sticky good, easy to fall off, easy to track.

NFC tags are widely used in retailers, small businesses, telecom companies, game companies, transportation companies, museums, various venues and entertainment venues. They can be used for airport boarding, building access control and transportation cards.

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Common processing projects:

  • Printing – single or double sided four-color (CMYK), Pantone spot color.
  • Encoding – serial number or personalized encoding.
  • Barcode – EAN Code, 128 Code, 39 Code.

Non-contact wafer:

High frequency chip(13.56MHz):Ntag213、Ntag215、Ntag216、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、Mifare Ultralight、I-CODE2、TI2048 And SRI512