RFID System Design and Prototyping

RFIDCTP can provide you and your company full RFID system design and prototyping services at reasonable costs.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Engineered design of RFID data collection systems in any or multiple RFID frequencies including ISO/IEC 11784/85 (Low Frequency 125 kHz., and 134.2 kHz. – FDX-A, FDX-B, HDXS), ISO/IEC 14443A & B & ISO/IEC 15693, MiFare, Legic, Tag It! (High Frequency 13.56 MHz.), all ISO 18000 standards, (Ultra High Frequency 860 MHz. ~ 960 MHz.) UCODE EPC Gen 2, UCODE HSL, UCODE G2XM and others
  • System implementation cost comparisons between different frequencies such as LF versus UHF, etc.
  • System prototyping and debugging
  • System roll-out road-map
  • Custom tag design and manufacturing – RFID Tag Design
  • Database design for real time data collection
  • Program design for local, web based and mobile solutions

When you have decided that you really want to implement an RFID solution or you just think you want to; our expertise will assist you in making the solution a success and done correctly or not doing the implementation, simply because it’s not cost effective or necessary!

We can work with you and design a solution that works for you in Low Frequency, High Frequency Ultra High Frequency or Microwave. Once the system is designed we can then prototype it for you, debug any problems and have it roll out without a hitch when you are ready to do so. Contact Us for more information