Fixed Asset Management (FAMS)

Fixed Asset Management


Many enterprises in the fixed asset management may have encountered the following problems:

  1. Enterprise asset management in the accounts, cards, things do not match.
  2. It is not clear where each asset is located, nor how much of a position rises.
  3. Asset management lack of basic information and the corresponding management tools.
  4. Current status can not be tracked, such as allocation, borrowing, maintenance, etc., no IT system to support the relevant workflow.
  5. Asset scrapping can not be processed in time, can not be timely financial accounting, can not form a scrapped list, removed in kind, the assets can not be checked with the physical card.
  6. Depreciation of complex, poor accuracy, resulting in the loss of fixed assets.
  7. The lack of asset tracking and management of the middle of the history of assets, such as installation, mobile, transfer, retirement, maintenance, etc., and no one-to-one asset coding equipment.
  8. Warranty of assets can not be managed.
  9. The lack of effective management of non-line assets.


Asset daily operation management function
Including the addition, modification, withdrawal, transfer, deletion, borrowing, repatriation, maintenance of fixed assets, calculation of depreciation rateand other daily work.

Print barcode capabilities
According to the selected fixed assets automatically generated paste in the fixed assets of the bar code.

Counting features
According to the information in the bar code reader and the database to check the data and normal or abnormal treatment to obtain the actual situation of fixed assets, and according to the unit, the department generates a table surplus table, Table, inventory details table, inventory summary table, inventory summary table.

Asset Depreciation
Including monthly depreciation of fixed assets, printing monthly depreciation report, backup of depreciation information, restoration of depreciation, depreciation manual entry, depreciation adjustment.

Monthly Fixed Assets
According to the unit, department, time and other conditions for classification statistics Month (monthly), monthly fixed assets monthly report this month to reduce fixed assets monthly report, fixed assets depreciation monthly report (annual report), and provide printing.

Fixed Assets Query
Can be a single or a group of fixed assets for the query, the query criteria, including asset cards, custody, effective asset information, departmental statistics, exit assets, transfer of assets, historical assets, name specifications, start and end dates, units or department.

System maintenance features
By the system administrator for the asset classification code table, exit the code table, the purchase method code table, storage code table, department code table, custody staff table, unit name table. To add, modify, delete and other operations.

Security management features
Provide a variety of security management tools.
Password management function: Maintain account number and password.
Permission control function: the user is divided into different levels to determine the user to use the system permissions, according to different permissions to determine different operations.
Data encryption function: to encrypt important data.