NST Construction Site Personnel Management System (Lift Slot)

Construction Site Personnel Management 


Construction industry is very important for the growth of Hong Kong economy. Nowadays, “Industry 4.0”, “Intelligent” were advocated by all countries, therefore , all kind of industries should introduce new idea, new technology , to keep themselves competitive. Be called ” One of the most important technology application in 21 century”, the development of RFID is mature. The cost is keep reducing. So, this is the golden time to introduce RFID. In fact, some of the HK contractors have already use RFID for access management, asset management and so on.


Every labor’s helmet will place a RFID UHF stickers, which saved labor information. Admin can give authority to designated labor to use lift slot. If the labor stay over time, or labor use lift slot without permission, Siren will alarmed. On the other hand, system can connect to LED monitor, which can show how many labors are using lift slot (real time).


Monitoring the quantity of labor who are using lift slot, recording , prevent labor use lift slot without permission.

Solution Content

A. Hardware

Install reader near the lift slot, each reader can connect 4 antennas.

When labor enter lift slot with no permission, the siren which connect reader will be alarm.

LED Monitor will show real time status for the quantity of labor who using lift slot.

B. Software Function

  1. Real time status

Show how many labors are using lift slot.

  1. Online labor

Show the information of labor who are in lift slot. Including labor name, position, phone number etc.

  1. Alarm

Pop up windows will appear.

  1. Personnel information management

Add/Edit/Remove labor’s information.

  1. Authority management

Give authority to labor to use lift slot.

  1. Running Record


  • Automation
  • Prevent person entering restricted area with no permission.
  • All records auto save to server, reduce administrative works.