Warehouse Management System

There are intense competition in all industry. Enhance production efficiency and reduce operating cost are most important factors to maintain business.

RFID Warehouse Management System (WMS) using RFID technology to replace manpower in receipt , storage and issuance management, can enhance warehouse circulation efficiency , reduce the chance of occurring mistake and the administration cost.



Set up RFID reader and antenna in warehouse entrance, how to set up will depend on actual environment.

When receipt goods, the RFID tags which stick on the goods/carbon pass through the entrance, RFID reader will detect the tags and read the data, those data will pair with the system, if there is any problem, system will shows the different and remind user to solve it.

The advantages using RFID in warehouse management is , you can read multiple tags at the same time with a long distance, can enhance efficiency and more accurate.

B. Issuance

Similar situation with receipt, when the goods have to send out, RFID antenna will read the tags on goods/carton, reader will read the data from the tags, and match with the system(Issuance list) , if there are any problem, system will remind user to solve it.

If it is just handle small amount of goods, user can use RFID handheld to scan the tags, if there are anything not match with issuance list, it will alert the user to fix it. At the end, data will send back to manage center(system) to update the storage list.

C. Inventory

Traditional inventory is time consumption and easy to occur mistake, RFID is one of the reliable method to make inventory more easier, fast and accurate.

User can use RFID handheld to scan the goods, data will send it to database by wireless network, and match with the storage list.

Most of the tags can be read in 1-2 meters range, and can read multiple tags at the same time, This can enhance the efficiency ,  decrease the inventory time , reduce paper work.

Solution advantages

  1. Manpower cost can reduce 20-30%
  2. Reduce lost of goods;
  3. Supply chain management work time reduce 20-25%;
  4. Storage list will more accurate and reliable;
  5. Improve working efficiency;
  6. Reduce human error;
  7. Decrease storage and logistic cost.