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Whether you are looking for RFID Entrance and Exit Pylons, RFID Receiving and Shipping Dock Portals , RFID Low Frequency, High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency, Microwave Fixed Readers, Portable Readers, Reader Writers, ID Verifiers, Tags, Transponders, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen2, Wrist Bands, Asset Transponder, Metal Transponder, ISO Cards, Credit Cards, Paper Pallet Transponders, Item Transponders, Disposable Transponders, Reusable Transponders, Gas Cylinder Tags, Active Transponders, Passive Tags, Magnetic Tags, Harsh Environment Tags, Temperature Sensitive Tags, Dual Frequency Tags, MIFARE®, HiTag, U-Code just to name a few of the different products that we are able to offer you.

A single tag can have different freqencies, different encoding schemes, different functionality and different memory capacity based on the IC’s (Integrated Circuit’s) used to make the tag.

To view some of the (IC’s) that we have available for tags please PRESS HERE    To view a few of our selection of tags by frequency PRESS HERE

To view a selection of our readers and accessories PRESS HERE

While a number of our customers write their own software applications and integrate the data collected from the RFID system to legacy or other applications, RFIDCTP can provide full software and integration to legacy or other host applications in multiple languages for ease of use.

RFIDCTP seasoned professionals are experts in automated data capture (ADC) technologies with more than two decades of experience successfully providing services such as consulting, design, prototyping, software, integration and implementation.  Our chief architect/principal consultant has effectively orchestrated enterprise real time data collection and integration for over 20 years, won awards for innovative ADC solutions and been a speaker at many ADC conventions, shows and seminars.

To maintain a competitive edge we must supply and deliver innovation and value to our customers by means of cost effective solutions requiring minimum support while providing maximum benefits.

Depending on the RFID solution requirements we offer free software with the hardware purchase or we provide custom software application and integration services to your exact specifications. Some restrictions apply on our free software, please contact us for details.

To discuss your individual hardware or other RFID requirements please Contact Us at your earliest convenience and we will be pleased to assist you.