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Access Management Solutions! – single door, hand free door and multiple building, room, department – Press Here

Library Management System with Touch Screens! – Press Here

Hospital and Healthcare Management Solutions! –Press Here

Parking Management Solutions – single gate, multi gate and very high speed access! Press Here

Tamper Evident Tracking and Tracing Solutions! Press Here

Time and Attendance for single doors through multiple buildings! – Press Here

Vehicle Management for Manufacturing, Ports, Car Lots, Dealerships and more! Press Here

Weapons Management Solutions – Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns, RPG’s! Press Here

  • Access Control – RFID Access Management – Complete turnkey solutions for access control in LF (Low Frequency – 125/134.2 kHz.) and HF (High Frequency 13.56 MHz.) and UHF (865 ~ 930 MHz.) for buildings, parking lots, underground parking, rooms, machines, filing cabinets and more. For higher levels of security we provide multiple access control frequencies in one easy to use ISO or PVC credit card sized RFID tag. This allows you easier group programming for different levels of access and to use existing RFID hardware while adding new RFID hardware. Select Access Management from the menu options on the left of this page or press here to go to our Access Management Web Page.
  • Animal Identification and Recording Management – Complete hardware and software solutions to tag and track all different types of animals, reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures, birds or any other life form that we have on this planet. Regardless of size or shape we have a tag that will fit! See our RFID Animal Tags for more information.
  • Asset Management – Web based management solution for assets that you need to track for location and security. Includes specialized tags for computer hardware, wiring closet cables, testing equipment, bottled gases, medical equipment, PDA’s, and more. Licensed Web Based Software or web based SaaS. For more information on this product please Press Here.
  • Event Management – Licensed Software or web based SaaS. For more information on this product please Contact Us.
  • Field Service – The complete RFID and barcode wireless to web solution for field service organizations. Designed to fit most Field Service organizations and easily end user customizable. Licensed Web Based Software or SaaS (Software as a Service) – for more information on this product see SkyeWired
  • Library Management – The complete RFID and touch screen solution for small and large libraries. Designed for ease of use for patrons and adminstrators Press Here
  • Manufacturing Management – Manage Inventory, Work In Progress, Quality Control Testing or ” Just where is that Lift Truck?”. For more information on this product please Contact Us.
  • Parking Management – individual components or complete RFID solutions for single gate to multiple gate parking -Select Parking Management from the menu options on the left of this page or Press Here to go to our Parking Management Web Page
  • Patient Management – Licensed Software. For more information on this product or other Healthcare related solutions please Contact Us.
  • Supply Chain Management – The complete Web Based Supply Chain Management solution. Licensed Software or SaaS for more information on this product Press Here
  • Time and Attendance Management – The complete Access Control and Time and Attendance Management solution. For more information on this product Press Here to go to our Time and Attendance Management Web Page

Depending on the RFID solution requirements we offer free software with the reader and tag purchase or we provide custom software application and integration services to your exact specifications. Some restrictions apply on our free software, please contact us for details.

To discuss your individual hardware or other RFID requirements please Contact Us at your earliest convenience and we will be pleased to assist you.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]