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LF (125 kHz. & 134.2 kHz)

What most people don’t know is that the LF 125 kHz. & 134.2 kHz. are the friendliest metal frequencies in RFID!  While the read range is very short you can actually take a finished inlay such as the wedge shown below and directly attach it to metal.

If fact you can even mount it inside a cutout or recess flush in a metal object and have it read every time!  – Mount in Metal!


This finished tag is only 12 mm X 6 mm x 3 mm.

It uses HDX (Half Duplex) for communication and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) modulation.

We supply this tag in a Read Only or Read Write (80 bits) configuration.

Perfect for mounting in bearings, steel castings or any other metal asset that you need to track.

For longer read distances and with a larger finished package you can also use our 134.2 kHz. RFID Metal Mount Tag the “Hole Mount“  shown below as a bare inlay and then what it looks like encapsulated or packaged.


When you need really long distances for LF – 134.2 kHz the following tags have read ranges measured in meters – not inches!

Displayed here at about 1/2 its actual size of 85 mm or 3 3/8 inches in diameter and 5.5 mm thick, this 134.2 LF tag is fully ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant.

Plus it has a read range of up to 1.5 meters when attached to metal!

With an IP rating of 53 and Mechanical Shock and Vibration certified to IEC 68-2-27 and IEC 68-2-6 this tag is very suited to industrial use such as waste management, asset management, access control and more.

The tag comes in 64 bits read only or 80 bits read write.


Also shown at less than 1/2 of its actual size this 120 mm x 20 mm LF transponder tube has an incredible read distance of 2 meters!  This tag is also ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant.  This is also a read write tag and is very usable in industrial environments.[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”HF” icon=””]High Frequency, 13.56 MHz metal mount tags come in a wide variety of IC’s so if you need compliance you can have ISO 14443A or ISO 15693. You can also have a tag that has more memory to store important information such as asset value, date installed, etc., for when you need on location information without a wireless connection.

The RED tag shown below is a single example of a metal mount tag in the 13.56 MHz.  We can use different 13.56 MHz. inlays with special (EMI) shielding and build you a tag that works for your application.  See our RFID Tag Design Page for more information.


This Metal Mount Semi Flexible Tag is ideal for gas cylinders, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, HVAC units, metal signs, virtually anywhere that you need a good read rate and the tag must be attached to metal. You can mount this tag directly on a clean surface or a recessed mount and cover with epoxy for durability. This tag is available in both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz. frequencies and comes in a wide variety of IC’s such as the EM4100, EM4102, T5557, HiTag’s, Mifare’s, ICODE’s and more.  The standard size is 31.0 mm x 46.0 mm x 3.5 mm with other sizes available upon request.  You can also have logos and graphics on this tag making it ideal for LF and HF Asset tracking.[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”UHF Gen 2″ icon=””]Due to the overwhelming influence of the “GEN 2″ and GEN2 EPCGlobal” standards drawing such media attention for a Global Supply Chain and Global Visibility, we now have a very large variety of Metal Mount Tags.  Some of the tags are shown below. 

If you don’t see what your need here call us via telephone at +1 647-476-3265 EST Canada or fill out the form below!  We probably have what you need!

This circular tag comes in either 30 mm or 40 mm with a 4 or 6 mm thickness depending on the diameter.  With an operating temperature of -25°C ~ 90°C (-13°F ~ 194°F) and excellent high temperature storage – up to220°C (428°F)this tag qualifies as both a high temperature tag and a metal mount tag

Read distance is about 0.6 meters to 1 meter when attached to metal.  Perfect for many applications where you want an inexpensive UHF tag that can withstand high temperatures for processing and can be mounted on metal!


Inexpensive medium duty metal mount tag with a 6+ meter (20 feet) read distance sized at 136 mm x 22 mm x 15 mm.  One of the lowest cost metal mount tags that is available with this long read range using a Monza3 IC.

In additition to the medium duty metal tag above, RFIDCTP also offers a very inexpensive square metal mount tag that operates at over 6+meters ( 20+ feet) when attached to heavy metal This tag features a Monza3 IC and is 55 mm x55 mm x10.4 mm in size. 

Currently avaiable standard in black but other colors with a minimum order quantity.

Another robust but slightly lighter cargo tag sized at 158 mm x 28 mm x 5.5 mm and weighing 25 g each.  This glossy grey cargo tag is designed to endure a maximum storage temperature of 120°C and a maximum operating temperature of 100°C.  This makes it an ideal tag for out in the hot sun bolted or riveted onto any surface including metal.  Maximum read distance is 6 meters or 19.68 feet. This tag is available in both EPC Gen 2 ISO 18000-6B 2048 bits and ISO 18000 6C 96 bits EPC.

Surface independent PET Hole tag suitable for many harsh service environments.  Size – 137.6 mm x 30.4 mm x 6.3 mm, weight 17 g and a read range of up to 6 meters (19.68 feet) water proof and dustproof with a maximum storage temperature of +85°C and an operating temperature maximum or 60°C. Standard as a Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C 96 bit Epc code, this tag is also available as an ISO 18000-6B 2048 bit tag.

Smooth glossy surface and using adhesive tape for mounting this PET surface independent tag is also ideal for metal mount or just about any other surface where you can attach the tag using the adhesive tape already attached.  Sizing is 150 mm x 25 mm x  5 mm and weighing in at 17 g this tag has a read distance of up to 7 meteres or 22.96 feet! Maximum storage temperature is 85°C and operating – 60°C this tag is dustproof and waterproof to IP67. Coming in both Gen 2 EPC ISO 18000-6C 96 bits and ISO 18000-6B 2048 bits.

With a 7 meter – 22.96 foot read range, sizing at 160 mm x 28 mm x 12.7 mm  and weighing 20 g this surface independent tag can be easily mounting to any material using the slot at one end and the hole at the other end of this tag.  Designed for medium duty service environments, and rated at IP67 this tag comes on both EPC Gen 2 ISO 18000 -6B 2048 bits and ISO 18000-6C – 96 bits.

RFIDCTP Special Metal Tag Subsection

These following tags can be manufactured to your specifications with printing, logos and other artwork.  In addition we can also provide these tags with Impinj Monza3 or Monza4,  Alien Higgs3, TI and NXP IC’s including the latest G2XM with a 512 bit EPC memory.  

This is one of our magnetic metal mount tags, making it really easy to “Mount” on metal – perfect for those applications where you need to attach a Radio Frequency Identification tag temporarily such as automotive repair shop, paint shops, large generators for utilities, Oil and Gas and more.  These tags are encapsulated with ABS making them fairly rugged and are 100 mm X 30 mm X 5 mm in size.  The read range is about 6 ~ 7 Metres.  You can get them with 96, 128 or 256 bits of user memory, perfect for storing your Asset tracking and sub-assembly numbers. Operating Temperatures are-40°C ~ 120°C (280°F)


RFIDCTP Super Tiny Metal Mount Tag weighing in at 0.3 g and a svelte 12 mm x 7 mm x 1.7 mm thick this tag is perfect for the really small places that need a metal mount tag.  Temperature rating is from -25°C though a hot +150°C so perfect for many applications that need higher temperature heat and very small form factor. Read distance is about 50 cm when attached to heavy metal and using SkyRFID Hand Held readers.This is a perfect tag for small assets such as cell phones, PDA’s, computers, hand guns and other small items with limited internal space for a tag.


With a Monza4 IC, 96 bits EPC and 512 Bits of User Memory this small 36 mm x 13 mm x 2.7 mm tag manages higher temperatures of up to 200°C without any problems.  Easy to mount either horizontal for a 1.5 meter read distance when attached to metal or a 4 meter read distance mounted vertically with the attached Scotch tape – 3M9495LE.

Weighing in at a hefty 16.5 g this larger 95 mm x 25 mm x 3.5 mm glass resin tag handles 200°C and provides a read distance of over 6 meters when mounted vertically using either the standard Scotch tape 3M9495LE or riveted or even bolted or screwed on.  Great for asset tracking using the latest Monza4QT IC with 128 Bits of EPC Memory and 512 Bits of User Memory.

RFIDCTP’s smaller metal mount tag at 16 mm x 12 mm x 4 mm and weighing only 2 gram but with a 1  ~ 2 meter read range!  Super small size which is ideal for asset tracking when you only have a very small place to mount a tag.

Our super small Mini Metal Mount tag (28 mm x 28 mm x 3.3 mm) is ideal for mounting in very small spaces where you need a good 3 ~ 4 Meter read range Because of the small size these tags do carry a premium price; but when you need a very small metal friendly RFID tag with a good read range these are excellent.

These tags can handle -40° through 150°C (334°F) in temperature making them a good choice for Asset Management, Gas Cylinder Tracking, Notebook computers and more. Can be ordered with Scotch VHB mounting tape at no extra cost for quick, easy and very secure attachment – even to stainless steel and other metals.

This metal mount tag is identical to the tag above except that it has a special case cover so that you can easily mount the tag.  33 mm x 33 mm x 8 mm in size plus overall lenght of 53 mm when you add the mounting brackets, this is an excellent tag for asset tracking.

These tags can handle -40° through 150°C (334°F) in temperature.


For those occasions when you want a metal mount tag that is resiliant to UV rays and higher temperatures this 25 mm x 25 mm x 2.75 mmMini Metal UV tag will work for you.

Managing the same higher temperatures as its slightly bigger brother above this tag is the tag of choice.  Can be ordered with Scotch VHB mounting tape at no extra cost for quick, easy and very secure attachment – even to stainless steel and other metals.

When small is just not good enough try our tiny Mini Metal Special tag with its 25.5 mm x 9 mm x 3 mm profile and adhesive tape on the back for easy attachment to metal itens such as Computer control boards and really small assets!  This tag has high temperature and high chemical resistance. Temperature -40°C to 150°C (334°F)  and a maximum read distance of 2 meters. Can be ordered with Scotch VHB mounting tape at no extra cost for quick, easy and very secure attachment – even to stainless steel and other metals.

When you need a thin and very light tag that works when attached to metal this is the tag of choice. Using an Alien Higgs3 IC to provide 96 bits EPC, 512 User memory and a 64 ibt Unique TID this tiny tag is 24.2 mm x 9 mm x 2.4 mm thick.  Read distance attached to metal is 50 cm or more using SkyRFID Hand Held readers. This is a tag that is perfect to insert into small devices for asset management and tracking.


RFIDCTP UHF Gen 2 Mini Metal Special Tag Higgs3. This tag is the same size as our Mini Metal Special Tag and identical in other properties but has a much better read distance (+40% ) due to the Higgs3 inlay. Another benefit of the Higgs 3 inlay is that the Gen 2 EPC of 96 bits can be enhanced to 480 bits – this chip has 800 bits of memory and comes preprogrammed with a Unique Unalterable 64 bit Serial Number – perfect for identification and control. For existing bar code sytems we can also supply a bar code that is preprogrammed to the Unique Serial Number! >Can be ordered with Scotch VHB mounting tape at no extra cost for quick, easy and very secure attachment – even to stainless steel and other metals.

For those kinds of Assets that are made of steel, thermoplastics or other materials that are not metalic and you need a longer read range we have an excellent polycarbonate glass re-enforced tag.


While this Higgs3 IC tag is slightly larger at 33 mm x 9.4 mm x 3.3 mm, its lighter weight of 2 g and a hole for mounting make this tag an excellent choice for when you need a small form factor and a longer read distance.  Temperature range is -40°C to 120°C making it very suitable for most rugged applications.  And for existing systems we can also have a bar code printed on the tag for ease of implementation.  Since this is also a Higgs3 IC we also have the 64 bit Unique Unalterable Serial Number. You can still mount this tag onto a metal surface as it is a mount on metal tag! This tag can also be provided with a string type attachment for using with small expensive items such as watches and jewellery.

This small tag (19 mm x 23mm x 4 mm including case) is specifically designed to be inserted in metal not attached to metal – this is perfect for Metal mould management, or asset and product identification.  With a temperature range of-40°C to 230°C (446°F) this tag is designed for the high temperature environments and comes equipped with Scotch VHB adhesive backing that will withstand over 300°C and very high adhesive qualities when attached to any metals including stainless steels.

When you need a good read distance because of the heat factor, this is the tag you need.  Temperature range of -40°C to 250°C (482°F) so this tag can handle the heat!  40 mm x 32 mm x 8 mm with two mounting holes make this the recommended tag for very high temperatures.

For those times when you need a 6 meter read distance and a tag that can work in temperatures up to 120°C (280°F) this is the tag you need.  Working on metal, plastic and wood 130 mm x 18 mm x 3.7 mm this tag is waterproof, chemical resistant and has two holes for easy mounting or simply peel off the cover of the Scotch VHB self adhesive tape strip on the back.

6 meter read distance and a tag that can work in temperatures up to 120°C (280°F).  Working on metal, plastic and wood 130 mm x 18 mm x 3.7 mm this tag is waterproof, chemical resistant and for easy mounting simply peel off the cover of the Scotch VHB self adhesive tape strip on the back.

Read ranges up to 5 meters and form factors of 97 mm x 17 mm x 3.7 mm, 90 mm x 17 mm x 3.7 mm and 80 mm x 11 mm x 3.7 mm these tags can either be bolted on, riveted on or attached with the self adhesive tape on the back. – 120°C or 280°F

Temperature ranges to 120°C (280°F)high and -40° C low these tags are perfect for asset management, pallet tracking, and automotive component tracking.

End of RFIDCTP Special Metal Tag Subsection


The most inexpensive tag that you can use to mount on metal is our UHF metal mount foam label tag. 

This tag is a polyurethane surface tag so  you can put your logo on it, put graphics on and more – when you order it. To mount on metal the poly foam tag has a 7 mm thick foam core to keep the inlay away from the metal. The bottom layer is a self adhesive strip for ease of installation.  This is a light to medium duty tag as it can easily be destroyed if someone decides to hit it with a hard object such as a hammer or a lift truck.  It comes in a standard size of 102 mm x 45 mm x 7 mm.  Once adhered to metal you can always use easy to make self adhesive labels to change the tags visual contents and appearance.  Not sure what we mean by changing the tags visual contents? Mouse over the tag to see what we mean! 

Designed as a low cost tag for mounting on metal, near liquids and duration event.

Light duty service environments are where this tag perfroms well with an extended read distance of 2 ~ 3 meters when attached to metal.

Using a Monza3 inlay and a proprietary tuned antenna giving you a 96 bit EPC woth a 32 bit TID

Size is 102 mm x 46 mm x 10 mm (3.97″ x 1.81″ x 0.39″)[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs][/fullwidth]